Planning This Home

Well, I’ve decided to take the leap! That’s pretty cliche, but in all honesty, as an always awkward, sometimes brilliant, usually sarcastic person, you’ll probably get a fair share of that from me. (If you’re still reading after the first two sentences, then I think we might become best friends, you won’t regret that!)

I just read a blog post about how to write your first blog post. I hope it gets easier than that as I go. But even thought I have so much I want to say, saying it to people who haven’t out right asked me, saying these things to a blank screen is kind of terrifying. Super terrifying. Can I just go back to freshman year and introduce myself to the class? At least that way there’s 20 other ghostly frightened faces to look at.

I digress… (look, I use interesting words too!) The blog post about how to write a blog post (there’s a plethora of them after one simple Google search) says to introduce myself to you and answer 6 questions about myself that you may likely be asking at this point in getting to know me and reading what I have to say.  So, in the interest of being simple and rather to the point (I don’t like to dance around the point very much) I thought I would answer these in list form!

Without further adieu:

  1. Who are you?  I’m just a small town girl, living in a lonely world… (I warned you I was awkward!)  No, okay, I’m Ashley, 31.  I’m a wife, to a goofy, fun loving, sometimes way too serious, man, Vince. We have been together 12 years, or as kids these days say, forever! I’m a homeschooling stay at home mom to two crazy kids. Junior and Gray, ages 7 and 4. We also live with my 16 year old sister, Tasha, who I am the guardian of. I love to read, paint, write, and I am obsessive about my planner systems and productivity. This is my first more serious blog, though I have dabbled in writing a bunch of words to people I can’t see on the internet before, in a lackadaisical fashion.
  2. Why are you blogging? I feel like I have something to say, and it’s high time I find my people to say it to. My family and friends are getting sick of listening to me drone on about things they aren’t interested in. Ha! I want to teach people about all of the things that interest me, and help people feel more confident in their every day life.
  3. What are you going to be blogging about? The home! Every facet of the home, and everything that entails running my home personally. Homemaking topics like recipes and cleaning. Home renovation projects like floors, roofing, painting and breathing life into our 150 year old home! Home school topics, like getting started, answering questions, building confident home school parents, who in turn build confident home schooled kids! All things planners and productivity planning, because knowing what needs to be done when, on top of appointments, schooling and running a business are the main backbone of running a home. And last but not least things motherhood and wife life related, because a happy home needs the maker taking care of themselves. Basically all the hats that moms have to wear through the day and still try to keep a straight face! Peace can be found!
  4. Who am I writing for? I’m writing for YOU, mamma! The tired mom, the overwhelmed mom, the mom who watches her life and home fall apart while stuck on the couch with a cranky baby. The mom who wants all the things, but doesn’t know how to achieve her goals with these minions running around. The mom who thinks that and then immediately feels guilty, because they really do love being a mom, but the guilt that is every where they look feel too overwhelming. The mom who wants to home school, but the world tells her it’s not right for her, or that she isn’t smart enough, or that its too hard. I’m writing to you mom. I want you to remember the truth, and give you the tools to reach your goals, and not feel guilty about wanting more, or just wanting this exact amount, but with more calm.
  5. How can you get involved? I love comments! Emails are great too! Ask questions, share experiences and tips. I want to teach you, but I also want to learn from you too! This can really be the start of a great friendship! Lets help each other!

And there you have it. Me in a nutshell, what I hope to help you with a accomplish by starting this blog and what you can look forward to! Are you ready for this journey with me? Let’s make it a date!



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  1. Vincent Vollmar says:

    I enjoyed reading this! Great first blog!


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