April Happy Planner Setup

Raise your hand if you’re ready for some spring weather after all the crud we just went through in this amazing two months of winter! It was short this year, but gosh, was it ever harsh!

But you’re not here for my weather report, you’re here to see how I’m planning and decorating my happy planners for April! It’s kind of funny saying I have three planners I keep up with. I actually have 4 but that 4th one is for my business and it’s just a bullet journal. I never understood why people had more than one planner when I first started this planning/productivity journey. But then life got busy, and here I am, a four planner kind of gal!

First up is my big personal planner. I use this for all household tasks, it’s the main source for my budget, my bill due dates, appointments, anything going on with the kids. It’s the main source for the information I need on a day to day basis.


We don’t have too much going on over here, the kids all have spring break and that’s probably the highlight for plans this coming month.

Next is my mini planner. I keep that in my purse and it houses shopping lists, appointments, and our meal plan. The basic stuff I might need while out and about or in a store, or making plans and appointments while I’m out of the house.


Last for today is my homeschool planner. I don’t put much in the monthly view, and honestly it might be a waste of stickers to even decorate this one… But anything going on that will effect a homeschool day is listed in this monthly. We currently follow the public school calendar since we have a kid who’s in public school in the house. It’s easier to make plans when all three kids are off from school at the same time! I also keep lists of our main focuses most months, but we will be finishing up a lot of our curriculum this coming month, and so right now were just focusing on that and brain storming what we can do in May for review until our summer vacation starts. We always seem to finish up at least a few weeks before the public school lets out. Homeschool perks!


Another short and sweet post! You can tell I’m in total spring fever mode over here! I’m already brain storming what fun summery stickers I can use in May! Ha! Here’s to a fun spring month, and a Happy Easter!

Until next time friends!


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  1. Love your setup😻 It’s gorgeous!!!

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate that!

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  2. I just started a new bullet journal myself. Now I’ve got a big one for at home and a smaller one I have in my purse. It’s really handy!

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    1. Yes! When I used a bullet journal for everything I had it in a traveler’s notebook, that way I could take it everywhere and I had different booklets in it for different things! That’s probably what lead me down this path of having so many planners now. Ha!

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