16 Simple And Fun Summer Ideas For All Kids

summer fun for kids


It’s about that time again! Schools will be letting out for summer break in the next couple months. The days of lazy reading, bike riding and video games is upon us once again! It’s no secret that kids lose quite a bit of what they learned in the last year over summer break. My homeschool children are not immune to this problem either. While its good for kids to have the down time, and get the fresh air, it’s nice to also make sure that the learning continues somewhat through the break.

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Summer Homeschool activities!

  1. Michael’s science kits. For me, no trip to Michael’s is complete with out a stroll down this amazing isle! It’s a small gold mine of fun activities all boxed up, and it’s often all on sale! At least once a month you can find these for either 50% off, or buy one get one. Start early and keep an eye out for sales now and buy one or two each time they are on sale, put them in a closet somewhere where you hopefully won’t forget about them, and you’ll have some fun stuff for rainy days this summer, or to take out in the backyard, as some of them do seem a little messy. They also make great birthday presents!
  2. Visit museums on off days! Have a day of the week that you’re free? Museums can get pretty packed during the weekends, but a Tuesday morning trip to the museum can actually be really fun! It’s not too costly, it can be fun for the kids and then when they get home and play in the sprinkler, or play some video games you don’t feel as bad. It’s trips like this that they remember when they grow up, or am I the only weird kid that remembers fun museum trips?!
  3. Rainy day reading. Any day reading. Unplug the WI-FI if you have to, they can’t go out or play until they make their bed and read for 20 minutes. Pick a day of the week and go to the library to find a new book if they try the, “Ugh! I can’t find anything to read!” Don’t let them break you down, either!
  4. Weekly theme ideas! This is especially helpful for stay at home moms or when you’re home for a week on vacation. Shark week, an ocean theme week, American History week, whatever they are interested in. Find a few books and documentaries on the topic, use the theme to decide what museum to go to, suggest they even incorporate it into their play. Kids learn best through play!
  5. Journals. You could do daily, weekly, or even just having them write in one after a family camping trip or family vacation. Don’t worry so much about spelling or even grammar, just have them practice putting their thoughts on to paper.
  6. Game schooling. So many board games out there are amazing for learning! Click this link to get a whole list of them.
  7. Two words: Watermelon Volcano.
  8. Art projects! Water balloon painting, sidewalk chalk, heck, body painting and then running through the sprinkler can count! When you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, google a famous painter, look at some of their art work and have the kids create their own version of some of their famous works! I save up toilet paper rolls until I have a shoe box full and set it on the table with construction paper, scissors and glue, the kids help themselves, and this can keep them busy for at least an hour.
  9. Nature study fun. Go on a nature walk! Have a nature scavenger hunt! Find a park with lots of open space around it, or find a trail in your area that you can all explore as a family.
  10. Stay up late now and then and look up at the stars. A telescope is one of the many things you might be able to find at Michael’s on a good sale, but you can find them in plenty of other stores also.
  11. Go camping! You can make this a week long survival mission, a weekend by a river or a fancy RV campground, get out in some nature, meet some people, and explore! Put the older kids in charge of some of the budget or in charge of some of the activities, make them a part of the process also!
  12. Have daily themes: Monday we go to the library, Tuesday we go to the splash pad, On Wednesday the kids cook dinner etc. Something kind of small and you have the rest of the day to be lazy/bored.
  13. Sensory play for younger kids! Even the bigger kids like this stuff too.
  14. Have a yard sale. The kids are in charge of going through their things and finding what they can sell, put them (somewhat) in charge of pricing and taking the money and counting change. Whatever money they make can go towards their own savings goal, or buying a new toy. This one is a little more age dependent, but is also a good experience for them.
  15. Summer bridge workbooks. They have these up to 6th grade it seems and they are fairly small books. Helps review what they learned in the last grade and some peaks into what they’ll be doing in the next grade too.
  16. PLAY! Seriously, let them play. Kids learn the BEST when they can play and practice real world ideas in the comfort and safety of their back yard. All of the other ideas are important, and we want to keep the learning going, but make sure they are getting down time, and even some time to be bored and relax. They worked hard all school and have earned it!

What are some of your favorite summer activities for kids? What are your favorite games that help keep their minds fresh through break?! I’m always looking for new ideas too!

Until next time friends!


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