Why You Need a Master Grocery List

Why you need a master grocery list


We have all been there. You think you’re prepared in the grocery store, you’ve made what you thought was a pretty good list and you even remembered to bring it for once! You fill up the cart, and when you get home you realized you forgot toilet paper… again! Ugh! I have had this happen so. many. times. What helped me lower the risk of forgetting important things in my grocery list is utilizing a master grocery list.

A master grocery list helps you remember everything you might need. It’s just a list of everything you might buy at the grocery store, organized by section. You use it at home to help you check off all the quantities you have on hand of every given item and you are able to shop your house before you head to the grocery store. You are less likely to forget that you need toilet paper, and less likely to buy yet another thing of salt because you saw it in the store and couldn’t remember if you had it on hand at home.

That might seem like a lot of work at first, and if you set up your own master grocery list, it just might be! But I promise it takes less than five minutes to go through, once it’s made, and saves you money and time with nixing extra trips to the store. Plus, I have a free printable available for you that you can add to and adjust to suit your needs, so the hard work is done!

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You can copy off my list and add or omit the items you need, to make it work for you, or you can print it off and adjust it to your style as you go. You can keep this on the fridge, or in a drawer, somewhere you won’t lose it, but will remember to use it. Just take it out when you make your grocery list. The first items are bread, so you go to where you keep your bread and see if you’re running low. Have plenty? Don’t add it. If you need it, you just add it to the list you’ll be taking into the store with you.

I have been using my personal list for a couple months so far and I’m FAR less likely to need to run into the grocery store for stuff I forgot! Staying out of the stores is the number one reason I’m able to even think about saving money every month! You can even laminate it and use a dry erase marker to mark down what you need as you go through the week, and then erase and start all over on grocery day!

Get your free printable here!

Until next time friends!


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