Self-Care Morning Routine For Stay at Home Moms

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Hey moms! Today’s short and sweet post is all about my morning routine! I want to start out with a couple things first. Depending on your kids’s age, or amount of kids you have, your work schedule and a whole bunch of other reasons, this routine might not work for you. There have been times in my life as a mom that this quiet time was NOT accessible to me. I get it, I’m right there with you. If you are struggling I have tips for moms with babies here, and I have tips for all moms here.

Morning routines are the back bone of my sanity most days. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Especially with both of my kids home all day because of homeschool, from the moment they wake up, until the moment they go to sleep they are with in ear shot. The noise just doesn’t stop until they are tucked in for the night most of the time. Being somewhat introverted, I know that this is my main struggle with being a mom and being a homeschooling mom! I thrive in some quite, I love to read, and I love to be able to hear myself think! Here’s what I like to do to set myself up for success:

The routine starts out before you go to bed each night!

Tons of moms will explain that their morning routine really starts the night before. Pick out clothes, pack lunches, or at least know what you’ll be packing and have the lunch boxes ready. If I’m doing laundry the next day I will get the first load ready and put it on a timer to start before I even wake up the next morning. I make sure the book I’m reading is by the couch where I need it too, so that I don’t have to hunt it down the next morning. My number one pet peeve in life is having to look for things because they weren’t put in their places!!! Make sure the things you need are where they go before you even go to sleep.

Wake up before the kids and read something!

The alarm goes off around 6 a.m. I try to get up shortly after, but I am a slacker! When I do roll out of bed the first things on my list is to wash my face and get some coffee! When I usually settle on the couch with a book. I like to play meditation music to help me concentrate better on my reading. I love to read mostly inspirational books, I LOVED the Badass series, and Big Magic to mention a few favorites in the past year. Depending on your preference, you could switch out my choices for religious music and bible or religious reading time, you could listen to whatever you choose and read whatever makes you happy! I’ve also spent this time watching youtube videos. The key for this first part of the day is enjoying the quiet, and doing the things that make me happy and fill my cup.

Around 7 I get dressed and wake up the boys. This gives them a few minutes before it’s time to head out the door and take my sister to school.

National Iced Tea Day (1)

Don’t forget to eat something, and move your body!

After we get back from the school run we get to breakfast. After that, I have been trying to make taking a long walk part of our routine. We all could use the movement, and the weather has been nice. I’m also learning that I can’t just jump into my workouts these days like I could on the other side of thirty…. haha! So the good walk is my warm up.

Get one a good cleaning routine that works for you!

After we get back from our walk the boys will play outside or occupy themselves inside while I finish out my workout, get a good stretch and then take a shower and get ready for the day for real. This is usually around 9 or 9:30. After I’m ready for the day I go through the house and do a morning routines that consists of collecting laundry, clearing out the dishwasher and vacuuming the floors (with husky dogs this cannot be skipped very often…).

That brings us to 10 am. That’s when our homeschool is in session! And that’s my average morning routine! What do you feel is the most important part of your morning routine, or your quiet time? For me, it’s been reading, because it inspires me and seems to set the tone for the whole day ahead!

Until next time friends,


National Iced Tea Day

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