Bring Your Living Area Outside This Summer With These Budget Friendly Ideas!


One of the things I was most excited for when we moved to our home just over a year and a half ago, was the amazing porch it had. After years of having no where to comfortably sit and drink a glass of wine, my morning coffee, read a book, or even watch the kids play, I was pretty happy when we moved and I had a fairly large porch to enjoy!

But in order to comfortably enjoy a living space, it needs to be put together…


My process started last spring with a new bench to sit on, we have had the metal bench for almost 9 years, and it needed a little repair. The bench has a storage option which is great for storing the pillows and curtains in the off season. I found it at Sam’s club last spring. Between the two seats there’s room for 4-5 people to comfortably sit. We also started to get outside pillows whenever we found them on sale. Pillows are a super easy way to make a space feel warm, and comfortable.


Five Below is where we got the tables. You can find both this season for around $5 each. The larger table isn’t as steady as the smaller table, but it gets the job done for now! You have to have a place to set your coffee or wine, in order to properly relax, amiright?!


Wait, what? Curtains on the porch?! YES! They just make the porch area feel like home! It creates shade and keeps the sun out on those really hot days, helps block out the wind on the breezy days and creates a little more privacy if you live in a more populated area like I do! They are easy to tie up when you want them out of the way and they are really cheap go put together. All you need are some screw in hooks (I used a drill bit to get each hole started and it’s easy to install after that), Some curtain clips and cheap canvas drop cloths from Walmart (around $10 each). This whole project only cost me around $40. I plan to put up the curtains around the rest of our porch this summer.



The newest addition to the porch this summer is some pretty string lights! Last year we didn’t have good lighting and because of that we never used the porch after dark. I envisioned hanging out there in the evenings and watching family movies on our lap top on breezy summer nights, this didn’t happen because of lack of lighting (and we didn’t have an extension cord that would reach this area of the porch). I found a longer extension cord and these string lights from Walmart to help use get the most use out of this area. Lighting is extremely important in making a space feel like home!

I love sitting out on the porch on quiet mornings before the kids wake up to drink my coffee, listen to the quiet of the neighborhood before everyone else gets started on their day and centering myself for my own day. I still have more additions planed like a new rug to really help me tie in everything I’m putting together, and of course, more pillows! Maybe a couple citronella candles to help keep mosquitoes away, and of course, more wine!

Until next time friends!






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