My Favorite Homemade Cleaners

It’s no surprise that many household cleaners these days have a LOT of chemicals. Sometimes, we want some of those extra chemicals to disinfect, but most of us agree that a lot of it just isn’t necessary. And most disinfectants have you rinse off the areas that you clean with water after you use them. Who has the time to clean things twice?! Not me. I can, however, find the time once in a while to put together my own cleaners. This especially is nice in the summer because I don’t really need to fight the germs, and I can quickly clean up the house and then we can head out to the splash pad for fun! That’s what it’s all about right?

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Three Easy Homemade Cleaners

Citrus spray: All you need for this is a canning jar, vinegar, and some type of citrus peel. Lemon, lime and orange all work really well. I bet grape fruit would be good too! Simply fill the jar with the citrus peels and pour vinegar over the peels until the jar is full. Put it under the sink for a week or so (it’s worth the wait!) and then you can pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. Vinegar is a good bleach alternative cleaner, and the oils in the citrus peels are also great cleaners and really cover the strong vinegar order. I also love to add a few drops of a peppermint essential oil, this is also an effective disinfectant and I love the bright smell of the peppermint with the citrus scents! (Sometimes I will diffuse peppermint and citrus oils to make the house smell like I spent the whole day cleaning!)

Furniture Cleaner: This is great for cleaning wood surfaces between polishes. All you need is a spray bottle, 1/4 c. vinegar, 3 TBS. extra virgin olive oil, your favorite essential oil (10-15 drops), and a few drops of dawn dish soap. Mix all ingredients together with one cup of water. Lightly shake before each use, and wipe down with a damp cloth.

Wood and Leather polish: This is the easiest one that I have for you today! All you need is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a cloth or paper towel. Use only a few drops of the oil at a time, as you can always add a little more here and there as needed, but adding too much can become a bit of a mess. I like using this on my wood table, our wooden fruit bowl, and it’s even effective on our leather furniture! Just remember that a little goes a long way! Use as needed, I usually will do this once a month or so.

And there you have it! Three cleaners, all are quick to prepare, and two of the three you can use immediately! The citrus spray takes a while to be ready for use, but it’s worth the wait, it’s my favorite summer cleaner for the house hands down!

Until next time friends!


homemade cleaners

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