Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

father's day gift guide

Here at Planning This Home, we talk a lot about moms. The reason why is really simple: I am a mom. But today we’re shifting gears and we’re talking about the other half of the equation, dads! Dad’s are just as important as moms, there’s no doubt about that! Since it’s June, I want to tell you about some of my husband’s favorite kinds of gifts for Father’s day!

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Watches: Even in today’s age of having phones constantly near us, we have to admit that there’s some really cool watches available these days! My husband’s favorite watch is his hybrid smart fossil watch. These watches are really neat. On the outside they look like nice normal watches, a regular clock face, a nice leather band (one that has lasted my husband a year with little proof of wearing even though he wears it daily). And it’s especially nice when you can find these watches on sale. They pair with your phone and will vibrate when you have a new notification, you can customize buttons, and even track steps and activity. Click here to view a list of Fossil’s smart hybrid watches, it looks like some of them are currently on sale, too! Some of the other watches we considered were, apple watches and the variety of watches offered by Fitbit. My husband was most drawn to the look of the regular watch that he gets with his Fossil.

Grill Gear: Know a dad who loves spending his summer outside at the grill? The smell of charcoal, the fresh air, and cooking meat? Get him a fun grilling apron that will hold his spatula and spices, or better yet, this stainless steel bbq tool set from target! Then when you go to other cook outs he can bring his new tool kit and show off help out at the grill! (Seriously, they love that kind of stuff!)

Fun Hats: Know a dad who loves dad jokes? Get him a funny hat! Cafe Press and etsy have a great selection of funny dad hats! They go from zero to sixty with, “Hi hungry, I’m dad,” to hats that proclaim he’s a DILF… ha! Pick a hat that best suits dad’s humor and he will wear it for years to come! Dad doesn’t wear a hat? You can also find a fun t-shirt, or coffee mug. Can’t find exactly what you want to get him? Shutterfly offers AMAZING deals, especially near holidays, and you can create your own personalized whatever and make it even more meaningful to him!

Down Time: Dads work hard all year for us! Give him time off to go fishing, take a nap in the hammock, or just have the day off from cleaning out the garage! When it’s mother’s day, most of us just want the day off, so it’s always a good idea to return the favor to our other halves!

Most dads are fairly easy to shop for, but these are some of the gifts we’ve given over the years that have had the most success and gotten the most use!

Until next time friends!


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