Our Simple Daily Routine For A Fun Summer Break

Our daily routine for a fun

Well, we made it! We made it through the year! This year felt like it was really long, so I’m so happy that we’re finally taking a break and really slowing down again! So happy in fact, that we’re switching up our school schedule for next year, but I’ll tell you more about that on a different day. Today is all about Summertime!

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that we will be learning through the summer. The main change is just that it looks very different. It’s slower, it’s more child-lead, and it’s simple! All the good stuff that we envision for our lifestyle as homeschoolers! I’ve heard a few homeschool parents say this, and I have to agree- summer is when we get to really live like the un-schoolers we kind of wish we could be through the academic year!

summer break routine

So, Here’s what our simple routine for a fun summer break looks like:

Every single day the boys have a chore chart and most of the items need to be checked off before the fun starts for that day. Sometimes the fun is going on a field trip or doing a fun activity, sometimes it’s playing Minecraft and having way more screen time than they probably should, to be honest.

Grayson's chores - CopyVinny's chores - Copy

Each kid has to make their bed, make sure all of their clothes are in their hamper, and brush their teeth. My oldest son (7) then has to unload the dishwasher and take care of any dishes that were drip drying by the sink, feed our pets, and read a book (sometimes he reads me a book before bed, so I’m not super strict about getting this one checked off immediately). My youngest has to do one page from his pre-k workbook (trying to get him used to some one-on-one learning with me every day before we start back up in the fall) and in the evenings he has to take care of all of the toys and put everyone’s shoes away. I made graphics for each chore chart (adding clip art to my youngest’s so that he would be able to remember on his own what chores he needs to do since he cannot read yet) printed them out and put them in page protectors, then stuck them to the fridge, and as they complete each chore we check it off. Then the next morning, we can erase yesterday’s checks and start all over again! They really seem to be enjoying this, so if you have a hard time getting your kids to do chores or remember what their responsibilities are, this might be a helpful idea for you!

From there we choose an activity each day (weather permitting) that we want to do:

  1. Swim lessons (are on Tuesdays for my oldest) but it’s activity enough for us for that day!
  2. Splash Pad/park
  3. Zoo
  4. Science
  5. Nature Walks

Somedays will include more than one, like, if we take a walk to the park… that’s a nature walk and a park visit! Somedays we won’t do any of these, and we will just hang out at home.

We also keep a whiteboard in the office with our “bucket list” of summer activities that we would like to do this year. Most fall into one of the five activities above, and some are for days that we feel a little more ambitious.

I have tried to make dedicated days in past years (on Mondays we will go to the library etc…) but honestly, we never keep up with those very well. So now I just aim to do most of the things on the list each week. Really, as long as the chore chart is done, I’m not picky about how our days look beyond that.

We also refer to this list here when we feel like we need extra inspiration!

Until next time friends!


summer break routinesummer break routine (1)

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