Happy Planner Spread for August 2019

Today’s post is short and sweet! I’m sharing my spread for August 2019 in my Happy Planner.

I’ve been taking a break from this planner for the past month and I’m so ready to get back to it! My Happy Planner Mini just doesn’t cut it for my day to day tasks and keeping me on track with what I need and want to accomplish. Too many things have fallen through the gaps in the last 4 weeks. Starting today I’m back in for the last full week of July, and I have a really long to-do list to get back on track!

So we’re going back to basics this month, it’s going to be pretty busy (the last three months have been)! Mostly with back to school items, so my monthly view so far is pretty sparse! Not every month has to be decorated to the max in order to be useful to you! While I love seeing the really lux spreads and I love doing them from time to time too, I think it’s important to show you that it’s not all pretty, it’s not always immaculate, it’s not even always something we keep up with, and you don’t need hundreds of dollars worth of stickers to make your planner useful! The same goes for bullet journals, you don’t need to spend hours every day making these amazing spreads in order for planning to be of use to you! I spend about 15 minutes on this monthly spread, including the time spent writing out my home maintenance list and double-checking dates with the public school calendar.

That’s enough chit chat about a calendar spread, don’t you think?!


Happy planning friends!


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