Our Fall 2019 Homeschool Morning Routine

morning routine (4)


Are you sick of waking up frazzled? Greeted by complaints, fighting kids and demands before you even use the bathroom or take a sip of coffee? Then, my friend, you need a routine!

I personally like the term rhythm, but for SEO sake, I’ll use the term routine. I will, however, NOT use the word schedule! Schedules are concrete, they become just another set of to-do’s on our never-ending lists, and they stress us out! So with that being said (typed?) I have two disclaimers for today’s short and sweet post. Number one- this isn’t concrete 100% what we do every single day. Sometimes I hit snooze, sometimes were sick, sometimes we just aren’t feeling it, sometimes I’m up even earlier, this isn’t set in stone. This is to give you an idea of another homeschool parent’s routine. Number two- this changes with the seasons. Literally. In the fall we’re sticklers to this routine, by winter we’re sleeping in a little (it IS much darker in the morning) by spring we have cabin fever so we might play outside longer and in the summer we barely have a routine to speak of. This can also change with seasons of life. Go with what works best in the current season you’re in!

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Now for the good stuff:

5:30 A- My alarm goes off. This may be super early to some and sleeping into others. I’ve tried for 5 am before, but I just can’t maintain it, I NEED that extra 30 minutes. I spend the next hour and a half drinking coffee, playing flow free on my phone (this game is amazing at waking my brain up in the morning, and yet it also calms my anxiety!) and after I wake up a bit I’ll catch up on social media.

7 A- Both of the boys have to wake up, as we still drive my sister (senior) to school. This gives them time to get dressed and wake up a bit.

8 A- We run errands if needed after school drop off, otherwise, we’re back home by this time. I let the boys rest up a little and eat breakfast. I’m usually on my second cup of coffee and during this time I’ll also whip through my morning cleaning routine.

10 A- Grayson (my kindergartener) starts his school work. He’s working on math, learning to read, and a comprehensive curriculum workbook.

10:30 A- Gray is finished by this time and now it’s Junior’s turn (my third grader) he’s working on math and grammar on khan academy, and a bunch of 180 Days books including, science, social studies, extra math, and English work.

Some days Junior can be done by 11:30 some days it’s afternoon. Once he’s finished they usually will play outside and I’ll put the school stuff away, start lunch or sit and relax my mind after those few hours of teaching the kiddos!

Right now with both boys needing to wake up early to do school drop off, I have to have that hour of quiet! I think the most stressful time of parenthood (so far) was when I had no routine, I woke up to demands, I went to sleep with not meeting most of those demands and I felt defeated all the time (it didn’t help that we also had a pre-teen in the house at the time, HA!). With this routine, I wake up and have time to take care of myself first. I can fill my cup (with coffee and with positive energy) in order to give back when the kids are awake. Sometimes this is a good time to do Yoga or even cardio, sometimes I read, always I drink the coffee, because, coffee.

Have good mornings friends!


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