6 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Cold And Flu Season

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Does this post even need an explanation?! Ugh, it’s definitely cold and flu season! Almost every family we know has been hit by the bug. And I’m sad to say I dropped the ball and didn’t do most of the things I’m going to tell YOU to do today, and we got hit too. Lesson learned. 😦

I notice that most years we don’t seem to get hit as often as other families. Some of it might be that the youngest kids are homeschooled and not exposed to as many germs on a daily basis, some of it is how my daily cleaning and living routines change during this time of the year. I suggest doing these the moment school starts up, and hopefully, I’ve learned my lesson and will also start these as soon as school starts next year too. As for this year- I’ve started implementing these, and I’m happy to report that we are feeling better and these tips should give us a good fighting chance to not get sick again this year.

6 ways to keep the cold and flu bugs at bay (1)

6 Ways to keep the cold germs at bay!

  1. Disinfectant wipes/sprays as part of your daily cleaning routine. Every single day I go through the house and wipe down all of the major touch points with disinfectant wipes. I wipe down the whole bathroom, and then through the rest of the house, I do any handles, remotes, controllers, keyboards etc that the kids touch on the regular. It only adds a couple minutes to my routine, and that’s way more realistic than losing a whole day (or week) to everyone being sick.
  2. Keep sanitizer in your purse. After school, the next main areas that we tend to pick up germs are in stores. I don’t know about you, but it seems like anytime I actually remember to use the sanitizing wipes on my cart, they’re out! So, keep sanitizer and wipes in your purse or car so that you aren’t picking up all the germs that can be found in stores.
  3. Just wash your damn hands. I try to get people (especially kids) to wash their hands whenever they enter the house. I keep sanitizer within reach and try to remind the kids every time they come home to wash their hands. And of course, I’m extra vigilant in making sure the kids wash their hands after using the bathroom. Seriously, this is the NUMBER 1 way to keep germs at bay, and it’s the easiest thing you can do to prevent getting sick!
  4. Have school kids change their clothes as soon as they get home. This one is new to me, but it makes so much sense. They are around 20-30 kids all day long, those kids sneeze on each other and use the same items. Your kid basically marinates in germs for 8 hours, even with other parents and teachers trying to help stop bugs from spreading. It does add to the laundry, but I think we can all agree that some extra laundry while feeling healthy and a little more energetic is much better than having to wash vom and germs and snot off of all of your blankets and clothes. An extra bit of work now can save you so much more work in the long run!
  5. Wash sheets weekly! Also, if you haven’t washed your pillows lately, take a day and do that too! We wash our comforters and mattress protectors monthly (or as necessary), but the sheets are changed and washed weekly.
  6. Essential oils. Yes, I’m a millennial mom blogger living in the year 2019. It just wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t tell you to use essential oils. HA! But seriously, diffusing a little spearmint with orange just makes the house smell great! Adding a little tea tree or eucalyptus oil works like Vicks vapor rub, it helps clear the sinuses. Some say it helps clean the air you breathe too, others disagree, but I can say that it helps us breathe when we are sick, and when we diffuse it daily, we don’t seem to get stick as often. It doesn’t HURT to try, so why not? At the very least it makes your house smell clean and I think all parents of young kids could use that help. I’ll leave it at that.

Here’s to a healthy and happy cold and flu season! Stay healthy friends!


6 ways to keep the cold and flu bugs at bay6 ways to keep the cold and flu bugs at bay (2)

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