How Often Should I Clean That?! Weekly Cleaning Checklist

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Last week was all about what to clean each month. You can read more about that here.  But, the trick to making the monthly cleaning easier is by keeping up on tasks every week! I have another list for you today to help you keep on track and you can decide what works best for you, and when you want to or when you can get to these things, but this list will help you efficiently clean each room each week. Let’s just jump in and get started, shall we?

Weekly Cleaning Check List:

  1. Launder linens and towels. If you have access to a washer and dryer right in your home, start with this task first. Then as you work through everything else on the list, the laundry is going in the background. When you’re done cleaning,  they will be ready to fold or to go back on the bed. I also like to keep at least one extra set of sheets on hand for each bed, then when it’s time to wash them, I have a clean set ready to go on the bed and I don’t need to worry about washing them right away. Washing the sheets is important because of dust mites and dead skin cells of course, but also because nothing feels better than crawling into a freshly made bed with wonderful smelling clean sheets!
  2. Windows and mirrors (if needed). If you don’t have kids or pets that get handprints and nose marks all over your glass, then you won’t need to worry about this as much, once a month will be plenty for you. But I personally am not in that category- the kids and dogs have to look out of every window possible, and it’s nice to give them a wipe down once a week to let that light in and brighten the home! It’s also nice to get the toothpaste off of the bathroom mirrors at least once a week so that I can actually see myself.
  3. Dust. I love the Swiffer dusters, but no matter what duster you prefer to go into the room you’re cleaning and get into the corners of the ceiling and dust from top to bottom, get the walls, pictures, electronics, give it all a good once over. This isn’t a time that you HAVE to get under/behind furniture, or really get every bit of dust out (the whole idea is done, not perfect) but by getting to these main surfaces that are most visible the room will start to feel cleaner and this task only takes a couple minutes at the most. By doing this as the first or second thing you clean in a room all the dust falls to the floor waiting to be cleaned later in the cleaning session, or even later in the week.
  4. Clean surfaces. Now that everything is dusted, it’s time to declutter the surfaces. Any magazines, books, and clutter get put away and while the surfaces are cleared off, wipe them down with your preferred cleaners. This task is something that never lasts long, it seems like the surfaces start to clutter before the surface cleaner even dries, but you know that you’ve gotten to it that week and that helps the mess NOT build up and get out of control.
  5. Garbage and leftovers. Now, I know that you don’t have leftovers in every room (at least I hope you don’t…) but this is a master list that is built to work for every room in the house, so if you’re in the kitchen, include the leftovers since you’ll be taking out the trash. While you’re taking the trash out, wipe down the outside of the trash cans and recycling bins. This is another task that only takes a minute or so to do, helps cut down on gross build-up and its a task that most of us tend to forget about until it’s disgusting.
  6. Floors. Always do the floors last in each room you clean. If you do this weekly clean in the whole house on the same day, save all the floors for last. If you do just one room a day, do that room’s floor last. All the dust, and things you’ve been cleaning fall to the floor, so this helps you only have to clean the floors once. Sweep, vacuum, mop, whatever your preference is.


Weekly Cleaning LIst (2)


You can take this list and utilize it in any way that works for you. Some like to do this whole list in each room on the same day once a week, some like to break it up by task (doing all the windows in the house on Monday, dusting the whole house on Tuesday) I like to break up the cleaning by room (bathrooms on Monday, kitchen on Tuesday…). You could do a few rooms here and there as you have time. Wherever you make the room in your schedule doesn’t matter. Just trying to make sure to get to these parts of the home each week will help you keep the clutter, dust, and grime to a minimum. I keep saying this, but it’s all much quicker and easier work when you are able to be more consistent and when you’re able to break it all down into bite-sized pieces.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog so that you don’t miss any tips! I promise, no spam to be found here! Next week we will go over the areas of the home that need to be kept up with daily. And I promise it’s not that bad of a list!

Until next time friends!


Weekly Cleaning LIst

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