How Often Should I Clean That? Daily Cleaning Checklist

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January just always feels like an appropriate time to take a good long look at your life. Doesn’t it?! Just something about the crazy of the holidays being over and life settling back into place, the start of a new year and the illusion of a promising new organized and put together self… That’s the thought process behind these posts that are all about putting together new, peaceful, simple and practical cleaning routines. To see the monthly cleaning list click here and the weekly cleaning list is located right here!

This week is all about what to do on a daily basis to help you keep a cleaner home. I’m sorry to say that it’s not a one-time bandaid, nor is it going to solve all your problems,  and depending on the kids in the home, it might not even stay very tidy for long. But the reasoning behind using these routines is to stop the messes from building up. Stop these tasks from becoming too overwhelming, and give you a checklist because it’s so satisfying to check things off of a list. It also helps you stay on track, which takes care of a lot of the overwhelm that we feel!

What to clean every day:

  1. Make your bed. Have you heard of the book, Girl Wash Your Face? GIRL, JUST MAKE YOUR BED! If it’s possible, make your bed first thing in the morning. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to look fancy. Shake out the blankets, straighten them up, and when it resembles something neat, walk away. By doing this one task that only takes 2 minutes you’ve already started checking the items off of your list first thing. Most people report that making their bed sets the tone and motivates them to make the surrounding areas neater and before you know it, the whole house is cleaner!
  2. Tidy up. Since making the bed gives us the urge to tidy up, do that next! Again, not striving for perfection, put away your water glass from the night before, throw away papers you no longer need, just tidy and clear away a bit of the clutter.
  3. Sort mail. This list is the “if you give a mouse a cookie” theory. (Yes, I’m using two books to explain cleaning to you today…) If you tidy up papers on your table you’ll have to sit down for a second and sort the mail. Better yet, sort it as you bring it in the house! If you know it’s junk throw it out right away. If you know it’s important but it’s not something you’re going to do right this second, have a place to put it to keep it safe that you’ll remember.
  4. Clean as you cook. I’m more likely to go to bed with a clean kitchen if I cleaned as I cook. If I put it all off for after dinner, chances are that I’ll be too full, or I will want to spend time with my husband watching a tv show before he has to go to work that night. If I’m diligent and I clean the kitchen while dinner cooks, I only need to put the plates in the dishwasher and wash a pan or two, that’s much easier to wrap my head around than needing to clean a whole disaster of a kitchen when I’m full and sleepy.
  5. Clean “emergency messes.” I call this putting out the fires. Obviously, any spills or accidents need to be cleaned up right away. The dishes are also in this category for me, as it just makes more sense of not let dishes sit overnight, it’s more work. Who likes waking up to a sink full of dishes that have dried on yuck?! But if you take a couple minutes to rinse and load/run the dishwasher, you get to wake up to a bunch of clean dishes! It’s nicer to put away clean dishes while drinking coffee on a lazy morning than it is having to wash dishes before even getting your coffee because all the cups are dirty. I know this from experience!!
  6. Sweep floors and spot mop. If you have pets like I do, you might have to vacuum or sweep the whole house daily (#huskylife) but others can get away with sweeping up the kitchen and spot mopping where needed on a daily basis, leaving the rest for emergency messes or their weekly cleaning tasks.

You can incorporate this list into a morning routine, night routine or divide it up between the two. Take it and make it your own! Do you have an area in the house that you simply cannot keep up with?! What’s your least favorite area to clean? The next routine I’ll be letting you know about will be my laundry routine! I feel I have so much inner peace from this laundry routine! You’ll very rarely see a rogue laundry basket laying around my living spaces (unless it belongs to the teenager…).

Until next time friends!


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