Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020 (23)


We say this with every holiday all year long it seems… but I cannot believe that it’s time to start thinking about valentine’s day already! The days are long, but the years are fast, right?! Sometimes Valentine’s day can be hard, we just got our love gifts for Christmas, and now here we are again? I know a lot of couples just get each other some candy, and that’s that. But, if you want to do a little something special, or extra this year here’s 11 of my favorite ideas for Valentine’s day.

  1. A HEmergency gift set. You can check it out here and also see the like items because this one seems to be quite popular and may sell out (but there are so many great items for under $40!)
  2. Fossil Watches. I mentioned these watches in a Father’s Day gift guide, but there’s a very good reason for that- they really are that amazing! I just might be in the market to purchase one for a certain loved one this Valentine’s day. Most watches are under $200, and that’s a good price for a hybrid (meaning it will do a lot of what a smartwatch does while looking like a classic watch) they are waterproof and stand the test of time! They also come with the option to engrave them, if you want to add a cute personal touch to them!
  3. Personalized wallet. Head over to Etsy and check out the personalized wallets! Most are under $25 and they are awesome! I was quite surprised to see that a personalized wallet was so cheap!
  4. Custom Blanket. has awesome deals on personalized blankets! Get one made with a picture of both of you, a pet or maybe even your children. They also offer free shipping on orders over $29!
  5. Custom Mug/glassware. Get a custom mug made at for under $10! Also, any time you head over there and make an order you usually get great options for free items. I’m always amazed at how many things this site is able to just give away! There’s a huge array of things that you can customize on this site!
  6. Make a custom book! Check out to see the options to make a personalized book telling the love story between you and your sweetie! These books are around $50, and there are so many options for finding the perfect way to surprise your love this Valentine’s Day.
  7. Candy bar bouquet. Pair all of his favorite sweet treats together like a bouquet! Just glue some skewers to the back of the candy and pair them together like a bouquet, tie with ribbon or wrap in tissue paper for that added touch.
  8. Candy with punny notes. Things like, “you make my heart BURST’ on a package of starbursts is the perfect dad joke for valentine’s day.
  9. Reasons why I love you… Take a clean cylinder container (I have used old oatmeal containers and plastic dry coffee creamer containers). Decorate them to cover up, construction paper and tissue paper work great. Then just fill it to the brim with cute little love notes for your love. List all the reasons why you love them, favorite memories with them, or dreams for the future with them. This one is one of my favorites, I made this for my husband the first valentine’s day that we spent together and it’s so sweet to open up now and then and read all the cute things I loved about him 14 years ago.
  10. Date night-jar. Use the idea above and instead of love notes put down ideas for a date night that you both want to do. When the opportunity arises for a date night, pick one out of the jar!
  11. Cook him food! I’m a firm believer that the way to a man’s heart is still through his stomach. Cook his favorite cookies, cakes, dinner maybe even breakfast. It can be as fancy or as simple as you want to make it.

We tend to get worked up and stressed out about what to get a significant other for holidays like this. We want to do cute and nice things that show we love and care about them! But in reality, just spending time with them and going simple things to show our love is all that really matters!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
–Ashley (21) (22)


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