How To Gain Control Of Your Laundry

Laundry Routine (3)

Today we’re getting dirty by talking about something almost everyone has, an epic Mount Laundry pile! Sometimes it’s an anthill, usually, it feels like Mount Everest! If there’s more than one person in the house, you have at one time or another, fallen behind on your laundry. The hardest part is that, once you’re behind, you feel like you can never get back on track again!

Here’s my simple laundry routine that helps my family-of-5 stay on top of laundry… for the most part. (Hey, we’re human!)

6 PM
My daily routine for laundry starts the night before. I fold the clothes that are in the dryer waiting for me, and then I load up my washing machine with the next morning’s laundry. I put in the soap, fabric softener and clothes. My washer has a delay start function, and it’s my favorite thing that I never knew I needed in a washing machine! I simply set it to start approximately an hour before I plan to wake up and I walk away for the night. (even if you sleep in a little the next morning, it’s not a problem for the clothes to sit for an hour or so. Also, if you work outside of the home you can set it to start an hour or so before you will be home for work so that when you’re home it’s done and ready for the dryer.)

6 AM
It feels pretty nice to wake up in the morning and have a task already checked off my list! I simply put the clean clothes in the dryer while my coffee brews, and bam! Accomplishments before even having coffee! YAS!

8 AM
I check for sure that my clothes are dried. 99% of the time they are, unless it’s time to clean my lint hose, or I’m washing thick blankets or sheets that got tangled. But it does suck to think it’s done and then at the end of the night, you have to run the dryer before you can fold the clothes… that puts a kink in the routine! If they are dry, leave them be for the rest of the day!

6 PM
While dinner is cooking I like to start my night routine. I will turn the dryer on for a couple minutes to fluff the clothes that have been sitting and then I open and fold. I fold directly from the dryer while the clothes are warm! I set my phone on the dryer with an app streaming something to watch, and have at it! Next is the really magical part of my daily laundry routine, I don’t put the clothes away. I have a basket for each bedroom on a shelf in my laundry area (these are easy to make, or if you have the room you can set them on the floor) and I quickly divide up the clothes by which bedroom they go to. My laundry room is right in the bathroom just off the kitchen, so I can put towels and washcloths up right away. Then I fill the washer up and get it ready to start on its own the next morning.

The Baskets

Once the baskets are full, or once we start getting into them to find what we need, I go ahead and put each basket away when I have the extra 5 minutes. This is so helpful because it’s the one area that I REALLY struggle with when it comes to laundry, and I know I’m not alone. Putting everything away every single day is a drag, man. Doing it once a week, however, takes about the same amount of time, makes my family wear more of their clothes (otherwise my five-year-old would wear the same two shirts every. Single. Day.) and isn’t something I have to dread or just not do every day. Having a designated spot to keep the folded laundry keeps the clutter monsters at bay, and folding them right away keeps you from wrinkled clothes or needing to iron them. (I seriously know people who iron almost everything every time they do laundry, not kidding. But, WHY?!)

But what if my washing machine doesn’t have a delay start? I started this routine when we still had our 10-year-old top lop loader. I would get as far as I could with the next day’s wash the night before. You can fill the washer with clothes and if you use pods you can throw those in too, you can fill a dispenser (or those downy balls) with fabric softener and set the washer up so that all you need to do first thing in the morning is press start. It’s EXTRA convenient to have the wash going automatically, but still really helpful to only have to push a button to get that first task going each morning instead.

Do you stick to this routine 100% of the time? Nope! I don’t think anyone really does EVERYTHING consistently. But I have been using this routine most days for a few years and its something that really helps my days go smoother and helps me stay on top of the laundry. Things will always throw you off your routine, getting sick, going on vacation, just having a bad day, if your washing machine breaks down, and the literal millions of other things that can throw you off of your routine, but that’s part of the magic to this routine, it’s simple and manageable so it’s not difficult to just pick up where you left off and move on with life!

I hope you give this routine a try and please let me know how it works for you! I would also love to hear variations on this routine that might fit different lifestyles better so that we can all share suggestions and help even more people out!

Until next time friends!

Laundry RoutineLaundry Routine (2)

Laundry Routine

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