Cheap Date Night Ideas You’ll Actually Love (24)


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! In just a week, to be precise! So in light of the oh-so-popular date night, let’s talk about cheap and easy dates! It can be hard to not spend a fortune on dates, especially when you have kids and need to pay a babysitter or find things you can do right at home to reconnect with your spouse. So here’s 25 ideas that you can do on the cheap, that aren’t too time-consuming and some that you can do right at home!

  1. Long walks. You could walk around your city or town, around the block, go to your favorite park, or step it up a notch and go on a small hike. It’s exercise and connection time with your love! If you have to take your kids with you, put them in a stroller (if needed) and pick a place that has a play area for them if they need to get their wiggles out while you spend time with your partner.
  2. Video game night! Pizza and Mario Kart?! Yes, please!
  3. Go on a picnic. Cheesy? Yes. Romantic? Definitely! Pack up some yummy food on a nice warm evening and head out somewhere beautiful to have the ultimate cheap date night!
  4. Movies and snacks at home. With all of the streaming services available that you almost certainly are subscribed to, pop some popcorn and pick a movie and cuddle up on the couch! No annoying teenagers playing on their phones or missing part of the movie if you need to use the restroom, and it costs you nearly nothing!
  5. Go bowling! Most bowling places are pretty cheap and also offer the best perk of all, bar food! Yum!
  6. Watch the stars. Go out on a clear night after the kids go to bed and watch the stars with your love.
  7. Cook a meal together! Meal prep, cook a fancy dinner at home, or just dance together in the kitchen while food bakes in the oven.
  8. Play 21 questions. After the kids go to sleep one night, get to know each other all over again by googling different questions to ask each other! There’s a plethora of them out there and you might even learn new things about yourself too!
  9. Mall massage chairs. Grab a coffee and head to the mall on a calm night. Almost every mall I’ve ever been to has massage chairs, and they are pretty cheap too. For $5 you can get 15 minutes of a good massage. My husband and I like to do this before we see a movie or go out to eat.
  10. Free nights at a museum. Lots of museums will have an occasional free or reduced-price night. Head out to one and see what cool things you can discover or learn it’s always a nice thing to do as a couple.
  11. Have a bonfire! If you live in an area where you are allowed to have a fire (safety first, people!). Put the kids to bed and head out to the back yard for a fire. Roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and cuddle up and talk about anything and everything, or just watch the fire and be all cozy!
  12. Festivals. Find festivals nearby for free or cheap and try something new together! Some of our favorite festivals are ones we found randomly, and we always seem to have the most fun when we weren’t expecting it!
  13. Dessert only date. After dinner one night head out for a dessert to share!
  14. … Or go out for some appetizers instead!
  15. Try geocaching together! You both can learn about something new, and possibly see new places in your area at the same time.
  16. Coffee date. Pick a morning and go out for coffee and treat yourselves to a doughnut too!
  17. Farmers Market. Visit a farmer’s market, quality time while getting some yummy locally sourced foods!
  18. Home Depot. Most Home Depots offer free workshops. Learn how to improve your home for free with your love!
  19. Puzzles together. Pick out a puzzle and make it a project that you can do together. Set up a small card table if the puzzle will take you more than one evening to put together.
  20. At home massages! Heck, do a whole spa night together.
  21. Swimming. Go to the beach or the pool together, without the kids! I love taking my children swimming, but let’s face it- when my youngest needs to be in my sight at all times, it’s not necessarily a relaxing experience. Our gym offers free childcare and sometimes we will pop the kids in there to play with other kids and we hit the pool and hot tub together!
  22. Go on a bike ride together. Bonus points if it’s a warm summer evening, there’s just something magical about that time of the day!
  23. Strip-board-game night! I think you can put the pieces together on this one….
  24. Couples yoga. You don’t have to be good at it, it doesn’t need to be Instagram worthy, you can find a beginner’s yoga video on youtube and get in some good stretches together!
  25. Mini road trip to explore your town/city! Grab a few snacks and play some good tunes with the windows down. Or if you love winter like we do and you have a good winter vehicle, do some safe exploring after a snowstorm with some hot cocoa.


Most of these dates either won’t take too much time out of your evening (less time to pay a babysitter) or can be done right at home after the kids are in bed for the night! Date nights are important because its time dedicated directly to spending time and reconnecting with your significant other, and of course, getting breaks from the kids! So, pick a free date on the calendar, and get out there with your love and try something new!

Until next time friends!

–Ashley (25)

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  1. This so so awesome!! Thanks for the ideas!


    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for reading and sending love!


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