Plan With Me- January 2020


I thought it would be good for me to do a good ol’ short and sweet post today! I write a LOT about homemaking, food, homeschooling, but this site IS called Planning This Home for a reason. It all starts with a good plan! So many people get inspiration from watching others decorate and use their happy planners, myself included! So instead of just watching, I decided to start contributing! If you like this you are more than welcome to subscribe to this brand-spankin’ new youtube channel, or join me over on Instagram at planning_this_home to get these videos on a weekly basis! I even show more detailed meal planning and I’m currently working on an after the pen video, where very through the week I show you how I use my planner, what I accomplish, what gets added on and how little time I actually need to spend in my planner on a daily basis. So I hope you enjoy this and I hope you enjoy the music and if you are interested in seeing anything else planner related (or really anything home-related for that matter) please feel free to let me know!

Until next time friends!

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