Spring Clean Check List

The last few weekends have been amazing in Mid-Michigan! Nice temperatures, brilliant sunshine and there’s hardly any snow left. It’s fairly likely to stay that way too, for the most part at least. I get so excited for spring, I start making all the lists, making all the plans and I actually get excited about some good spring cleaning! It just feels really nice to get under everything and feel that fresh start all over again! Today we’re talking all about spring cleaning- but most importantly, how to make it as uncomplicated as possible.

A lot of people hear spring cleaning and think it means they have to carve whole days out of their schedule and do nothing but clean, and they get overwhelmed at the mere thought of tackling this big of a project. But honestly, I like to pick a few projects here and there, when I can carve out the extra time. It’s also really helpful to have checklists so that you don’t get lost, don’t forget anything and you can keep track of what’s already been done. Tackle it a room at a time, or just add a project or two when you clean the house each week. Pick whatever works for your schedule and get your family in on it too!

Master Spring Clean List:

All of the areas in the home can be broken down into some more simple tasks!

  1. Dust thoroughly. Start from the ceiling and work your way down to the floor. Dust everything, and even get behind and under furniture. Declutter the room as you do this since you’ll be touching pretty much everything that’s out in the open in that room. You’ll be able to think for a second about whether or not you want each item. If you declutter often it really only takes a split second to decide about each item. Also, I don’t recommend a Swiffer for this particular dusting session; some of these things haven’t been touched in a long time- so wet dust with just a wet washcloth or a good multi-surface spray.
  2. Wipe down the walls. Or even just spot clean the walls. If there’s any small damage, go ahead and take this time to patch up, fill in holes and even a quick spot paint.
  3. Wash windows. Wash the inside and outside of those windows! That beautiful sunshine can’t get into the house if the windows are dirty! Take this time to dust the screens (I love using my vacuum for this task) and dust the window sills.
  4. Wipe down those baseboards! I recommend doing this in your weekly tasks when you are mopping the floors, but let’s face it, we’re not getting behind the furniture that often to clean all the baseboards. Give them a good wipe down while you’ve already moved the furniture.
  5. Clean the floors. Now that you’ve knocked a bunch of crud onto the floors it’s time to give them a good clean too. Vacuum, sweep, mop whatever you need to do to really clean them up.
  6. Clean those carpets too! Now is also a great time to clean the carpets, get all that crud that even the best vacuums have a hard time getting that sat there all winter.
  7. Wax the floors. We have hardwood floors through most of the house and I love using Rejuvenate on them. I like to do this task twice a year and help my REALLY old floors live on for another year.


Of course, most rooms will need help in other areas, the kitchen alone can be quite the task with other places that need a good deep clean… So I’ve included some more detailed checklists that you can use to help you get all the areas of your home back to 100%! If you’re extra overwhelmed with spring cleaning because you have a hard time figuring out how to maintain, I highly recommend these posts: Daily Cleaning Check List, Weekly Cleaning Check List, and Monthly Cleaning Check List.

I’ve got my lists all printed out and now I need to go ahead and start these lists. Most of these tasks truly don’t take very long, especially if you’re able to maintain most of it through each month. But let’s face it, this IS spring cleaning we’re talking about it can take some extra effort and time to do! But let that warmer weather and beautiful sunshine give you motivation, put on some happy cleaning music, and let’s get this done!  I know you can do it!

Until next time friends!

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