Simple Fridge Organization

My top shelf keeps freezing the eggs and butter! I don’t fully understand why because this refridgerator is only a couple years old. And it’s done this on and off since the day we installed it. I also don’t know why it took me this long to figure out how to deal with this happening, but here we are. It hit me the other day that I would rather the sodas get a little frosty and extra cold than have breakfast ruined, once again!

I thought this would be a super quick flipp-a-roo, but once I got in there I realized it really needed a deeper clean. Especially with the holidays coming up, because who wants their mother-in-law to comment on the state of the fridge?! The holidays can be stressful enough! So I cleared everything out, scrubbed it all down and got to re-organizing it.

Fridge organization is definitely a project that you have to revisit often. No matter how pristine you make it, it always needs to be updated, changed and modified. Unless you only ever drink the same few drinks, and eat the same few foods, you’ll need to change it up. Mostly, I just tidy it up each week before adding anything new, and make sure to get the outdated leftovers out before anything starts to grow, but sometimes you just need to completly wipe the slate clean!

Just before Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do this so that you know you’ll have room for all of that delicious food, and of course the delectable leftovers!

Need more motivation to help you get started, or to give you ideas if you have a one-door fridge like I do? You can watch each step I took along the way to re-organize, and you can even learn from my mistakes and remember to wash your dishes first so that the sink is clear and ready for that shelf you inevitably need to scrub! Lets start tackling that to-do list!

Until next time friends!

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