How To Find The Time To Clean and Decorate For The Holidays

Even with the slower pace most of us have been forced into this year, its still hard to find the time for the things we want to do and the things we NEED to do. Moms especially run into this problem on a daily basis. Often I find myself thinking, “There’s just not enough hours in the day!” Pair that with adult ADHD, and having many different hobbies and interests and being a homeschooling parent and it’s easy to see where the overwhelm sets in.

One area that really takes a beating for this perfect storm of distraction is cleaning the house. Many of us don’t know where to start, we don’t clean efficiently so it feels like we never stop cleaning, there’s so much that needs to be cleaned that we roam the house all day long getting half way through each task. Then, at the end of the day, we look around at the mess that’s still there and wonder why it looks like nothing got done today when we didn’t stop moving.

I always have a hard time staying on task. I’ve found that the best way to force me to do only one task at a time is to make a list and a schedule. With list making I can write down all the things that are cluttering up my thoughts and then put the thoughts to rest. I won’t forget as much that needs to be done, because I have it written it down and it’s really gratifying for me to cross items off of my list. I’m also a creature of habit and creating a schedule for myself also helps me concentrate while doing my cleaning and care of the home without feeling too overwhelmed.

The schedule I’ve been using for years looks like this:
Monday: Bathroom
Tuesday: Livingroom
Wednesday: Dining Room
Thursday: Kitchen
Friday: Office
Saturday: Bedrooms

But what about when you want to decorate the home for the holidays? What about deep cleaning? How to work these extra things into your day with out feeling overwhelmed? That’s where a list and a schedule meet, get married, and live happily ever after!

Weeks before you intend to deep clean (I start this particular holiday list in October) write a list of the areas that you need to deep clean; i.e.: under the couch, the baseboards, polishing the banister, etc… Divide the list up by room and when you get to each room on it’s scheduled day, pick one or two items off the list and clean them too. You only add about ten extra minutes each day to the cleaning, with out the extra headache. You can do the same for decorating. Make a list of what areas you want to decorate, like the mantel, or coffee bar, or you can break it up by what décor you put out like the Christmas Tree, or hanging the wreaths. And each day work on one or two items off that list. Having a written list gives you a concrete plan of action, being able to check the items off your list as you go helps give you motivation and taking small bites at a time helps you realize that this doesn’t take long at all to do!

Now, you don’t have to start this decorating process as early as I do. I don’t tell people WHAT to do in their homes, I just help them get what they want to do, done. But, starting early on these tasks helps you have time for the fun stuff during the holidays. For me, its difficult to pile in the car randomly and go look at Christmas lights if I know my mother in law is going to be here in two days and I haven’t decorated the tree or cleaned the baseboards. It’s impossible for me to have Christmas movie nights when I’m trying to remember the last time I cleaned the crumbs and toys out from under the couch. I’m more calm, and ready for fun happy memories when everything on the back end of the house maintenance is taken care of.

Still need some motivation, or want to see how I make this work while homeschooling and working from home? I took the liberty of putting it together in a video for you! Watch me clean and start decorating for the holidays (another reason I start early) and then get inspired to deep the house and maybe even start your décor also!

Until next time friends!

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