How to Clean Area Rugs

This is part 2 of a deep cleaning series! For this video, I spent a whole day cleaning just about all of the area rugs in my home. We don’t have any carpet, and every room has a rug instead. We prefer this because rugs are easier to replace, easier to keep clean, and cheaper. With 5 pets and two kids, an outdoorsman husband, and a clumsy wife (Me) this truly works best for us. My all-time favorite carpet cleaner is broken, but STILL working pretty well! I can’t find a link to the exact model of cleaner that I have, but I’ve been contemplating replacing it with a professional-grade Rug Doctor.

To clean the rugs I use about 2 tablespoons of the liquid tide, and a few sprays of shout with hot tap water. This solution works so well, and you can DEFINITELY notice it in my living room rug!

In this video, I also take on some toy organization, as this was filmed shortly after Christmas, and you’ll see me do a cute Cricut project, making new labels for my spice rack jars.

I hope you enjoy it! If you like this type of content, subscribe to both youtube AND this blog for extra goodies, and cleaning tips, tricks, and motivation, along with homeschool and just lifestyle content!

Until next time friends!

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