20 Ways To Keep Your Kids- And Yourself- Busy

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Many parents are currently preparing to spend quite an extended amount of time with their kids. Maybe you usually work out of the home, maybe you’re just used to your kids being off all day in school and suddenly and unexpectedly you’re with them all day and you didn’t even get much time to prepare. You don’t have all of the regular options of a normal spring break or of a summer break. You also may be wanting to save money because so much that we didn’t expect has already happened, what’s next? Without making this super long and controversial I’m going to dive right into 20 cheap ways to help you keep your kids and even yourself busy and to try to make the most of this time that you will be spending with your family over the next couple weeks.

20 Ways To Keep Your Kids- And Yourself- Busy

  1. Bake some goodies! This is fun, you’ll all have extra time to clean the mess up while your treats are baking and it’s a sneaky way to get your kids reading and working with measurements and fractions. Maybe even bake a double batch to freeze and get into later on!
  2. Clean the house. It’s spring, it’s cold season, it’s the perfect time to give the house a good spring clean! This is also a good one to mention to the kids when they complain that they are bored, if they are suffering so badly they can tackle some of the spring cleaning to-do’s in this checklist and I guarantee you just bought yourself a quiet afternoon because suddenly they’ll remember something very productive that they could do instead. Ha!
  3. Play video games with them. If we’re going to have some extra time on our hands we may as well play some Mario kart together and have some fun!
  4. Play board games. Remember those? I bet there’s some in a closet somewhere in your house collecting dust. BRING BACK GAME NIGHT!
  5. Movie night. For all the same reasons to play games together. You can probably have a few each week since no one is busy with practice or sports games or after school activities. Take turns picking out a movie at least a few times a week, break out some of those cookies or treats you made from tip #1 and settle in for the evening.
  6. Play outside. Get some fresh air, it’s great for helping to boost our immune system, it chases away the cabin fever scaries and will help the kids burn off steam
  7. Do. All. The. Crafts. I bet most of us have some craft kits lying around. Maybe they are from the holiday season, heck, maybe they are from Halloween or last summer. Who cares? Use them!
  8. Check off some Pinterest bucket list ideas. Find some crafts or ideas on Pinterest that you have materials at home for and do some of the activities you pinned years ago and never got around to doing.
  9. Spend some time reading. Every day. Set a timer, have your kids read or read to them. While you’re at it, read some books that you bought with the best intentions and now are collecting dust.
  10. Seriously, utilize Khan Academy! And then donate to them when you can because it is an amazing fountain of education and it’s FREE TO USE! #allthehearteyes
  11. Do some easy science experiments. It’s amazing all of the fun things you can do with just a few household items. Including but not limited to, volcanos! If you are brave, slime can be included in this too!
  12. Teach them how to do laundry. From removing stains to folding and putting away.
  13. Teach them how to do dishes. We always complain about the lack of home economics in schools, you now have the time to give them a crash course in it.
  14. Spend time alone, every day. Utilize quiet time daily, stay up an hour later than the kids or even wake up before the kids. They need a little quiet time and so do you. Burn out can happen so easily, personal time is a MUST when it’s possible.
  15. In-home spa day! Face masks, paint nails, whatever. Moms, dads, sons, and daughters can all get in on some face mask fun!
  16. Get to know your kids. I’m not making any assumptions that since your kids go to public school you don’t know them. But, really take this extra time to get to know them even better. Talk to them, LISTEN to them. When they are away from the home most of the day plenty goes on that they don’t always talk about. Find some fun kid appropriate 22 questions lists and ask away!
  17. Have a picnic! If you can, go out in the back yard and have a picnic, or just use the living room floor.
  18. Build a fort! It doesn’t even matter the kid’s age. I bet after a week cooped up at home even my 18-year-old would build a fort with us.
  19. Tell ghost stories!
  20. Laugh and do things that help get your mind off the bad and scary. Try not to dwell too much on the things that we can’t control and instead bring up morality in your home.


Until next time friends,


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