Summer Food: Death By Chocolate


I hate blog posts that go on for paragraphs talking about how they made this fantastic recipe for their aunt that one summer in 2006. You have to scroll allllll the way to the end of the post to get the recipe. I get it, food means something to us, and it brings up memories and you probably feel the same way. A lot of good times, and good memories seem to revolve around food.

In the spirit of good times and good food I’ll just say this: people’s eyes literally light up when I say I’m bringing Death By Chocolate. I’ve been told before that if I didn’t bring it, I’m uninvited. HA! If you want a definite crowd pleaser this summer, I cannot recommend this recipe enough!

Death By Chocolate


One pan of your favorite brownies. Homemade or box, I have success with both.

1 large box of chocolate pudding, prepared with the instructions on the box and chilled

8 oz tub whipped topping

5-6 heath bars, crumbled


This dessert looks beautiful in a trifle dish, but any larger dish will work. Cut the brownies into bite sized pieces. Fill bottom of dish in one layer of brownie pieces, top with layer of chocolate pudding, then layer of whipped topping, then heath pieces. Continue layering in this order until finished. Save some extra heath pieces to really coat the top of the dish. This is best when able to refrigerate overnight and everything is able to mix and mingle, the brownie is able to soak in some of that pudding and the heath bars add the perfect little crunch! It’s hard to stop at one serving of this! I hope you’re able to enjoy it as much as my family does!

Until next time friends!



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