How to Stain Trim

There’s no shortage of house projects around here, that’s for sure! Lately we have been going old school and working on staining the painted trim, room by room. This has been a project we’ve been wanting to work on since we moved in, but the problem has always been, “But how?!” The obvious way is to strip paint, sand and then stain the wood underneath the paint… but that felt like such a daunting task! All those extra chemicals, all that sanding! And we have very old trim, with lots of grooves and some details, how the heck could we easily sand all of that!?

I wish there was a product that would allow us to easily paint the trim to achieve the look we desire, with out all of the extra hassle!

And then I found it: Retique It Liquid Wood This primer is made from real wood. You simply paint on a couple coats using the brush included with your purchase (some stain is also included, but you can use any stain you prefer), allow to dry for at least 2 hours and then stain it! Now, this product does break some rules that we know about painting: You actually want the primer to look a little messy, you want some lines in the paint, as this helps you achieve the look of wood. I also found that I have to let the stain sit for a minute or two longer than I would normally let stain sit on wood, because it takes a little longer to get the same amount of stain absorption. Then you simply wipe off the stain using a long smooth motion and allow to dry for a few days before going back over it with a clear coat (I’ve been using Minwax in satin).

This project does cost a little extra than you might spend going the route of old fashion elbow grease, but a gallow of Retique It goes pretty far. I’ve done my living room, bathroom, entryway, three bedrooms and the kitchen and I’m just around the half way mark. I’ve gone through almost two gallons of stain though, so I do suggest buying more stain than the primer.

We’re finally down to two rooms (however I still need to do the baseboards in most of the rooms, since I’ve just been working on the trim) and I’m so excited to see how it all looks when we’re done! Painted trim looks nice and modern, but I’m a sucker for mid century modern/ boho vibes and this is really scratching an itch I’ve had for quite a while!

So see for yourself my method of using this product and how it looks when I’m finished, along with some cleaning motivation, watch the video above and please like and subscribe to see more of our work on our home!

Until next time friends!

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